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Close up action of boys soccer teams, aged 12-14, playing a football match

Discover our youth sports club today

Based in Lewisham, ABC Sports Stars Ltd provides a range of sessions of children of all ages, throughout the South London area. See what we're all about, and sign up today!

Children's Soccer Coach

Encouraging the next generation of sports stars

Founded in 2021, ABC Sports Stars is a unique youth sports club, here to help children of all ages get active and have fun outdoors. Based in Lewisham we work with schools, nurseries and activity centres throughout the South London area.

All members of our team are fully DBS checked, and committed to the safety of everyone who takes part. We hold qualifications in PE (Level 3) and youth football (Level 2 Youth Module, FA Football).

Young children getting ready to play football


We run a number of sessions in local schools, nurseries and youth clubs.

Children listening to a football coach

Sessions and holiday camps

Find something fun for your children to do during the school holidays!

Children playing football in a park

Saturday sports stars

Learn about our weekend sessions today!

Our ethos

At ABC Sports Stars, we strive to provide a unique learning structure that allows children to have fun. Our main philosophy is ABC: Agility, Balance, and Coordination. We aim to create sports stars of the future, whilst incorporating the EYFS guidelines in all of our sessions.


We also utilise specific topics each month, for children to learn and develop a new skill. Combined with our coaching methods we feel the children will not only benefit physically, but also mentally.

Meet our team

Jake profile

Jake Hattam


Jake has been coaching for over 10 years and has worked in many different sectors within the coaching industry, including working at professional football clubs such as Chelsea FC and AFC Wimbledon, with the latter working at times with the academy. Jake has also worked in the childcare industry as a nursery key worker, and as a full time coach at a large nursery organisation.

Taryn profile

Taryn Vancooten


Taryn brings fantastic enthusiasm to his coaching style which fits well into the layout of our sessions. Taryn leads our football sessions on Saturdays, and has a strong passion for football and coaching.


Favourite sport : Football
Favourite Team : Arsenal FC
Favourite food : Tacos
Favourite Moment in sport : Winning the London cup
Fun Fact : I believe in aliens 

Kato profile

Kato Kigozi


Kato is a Lead coach at ABC Sports Stars, delivering a range of different sessions. He is currently studying Level 3 sports coaching and has a strong passion for sports. We enjoy the enthusiasm and energy he brings to the team.

Favourite sport: football
Favourite team: Manchester United
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite moment in sport: Seeing Manchester United win a European trophy.
Fun Fact: I'm so dedicated to sports coaching I travel out of London for sports education

Tyanna profile

Tyanna McNeil


Tyanna's passion for coaching stemmed from her love for the game and her desire to help others reach their full potential. Having spent years playing and studying different sports, Tyanna developed a keen understanding of the strategies and dynamics involved in team sports. Tyanna's decision to pursue coaching was driven by her ability to motivate and bring out the best in children. Hoping to make a positive impact in helping them achieve their goals of being a ABC Sports stars of the future.


Favourite sport – Football

Favourite team – Arsenal

Favourite food – Hot dogs

Favourite moment in sport – Seeing children engage in sport

Fun fact – Coaching on Sky Sports




 Since a young age Madison has always engaged and participated in sport. As she has grown up, Madison has developed a passion for helping others and teaching children new skills. She is currently studying Sport and Exercise Science with Physical Education and Coaching at Middlesex University to propel her into her coaching career.

Favourite sport: netball 

Favourite team: London Pulse

Favourite food: pancakes 

Favourite moment in sport: watching womens euro final

Fun fact: My birthday is on Halloween 


Football Trapped in a Goal Net, Close-Up

Want to know more about our youth sports club?

To sign your children up, or to learn more about us, call 07415 706081, or email us at

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